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Complete projects:
iMenu - application for iPad. Menu shows you the list of restaurant dishes. There are category choice, dish description, orders can be submitted via wi-fi to the wireless printer directly to waiter.
E-commerce solution for food store with local delivery service.
Internet application for tracing objects, equiped with GPS+GSM hardware modules. Consist of data receiving module, storage system and interface for dispatcher with ability to generate reports. Technology used: Python, Django web framework, AJAX. and
Interactive vector map of Krasnoyarsk city developed for internet use. System abilities: search for any addresses, search for optimal paths, search for optimal routes from point A to point B (car/bus), show information on objects, search for goods/shops etc. Based on unique technologies of visualization. Source code was opened under GPLv2 license scince august 2006.
Poin-of-sale software. It is oriented on stability and security. Written on pure PERL and uses PostgreSQL as a database engine. Proccessing 7000+ transaction per day. Software is used in 5 supermarkets (“Desyatka”, Krasnoyarsk). Source code has been opened under GPLv2 license scince august 2006. (don't supported anymore)
Telecommunication portal provides mailing lists service for mobile phones, pagers and other mobile devices. Information is extracted from Internet pages in automatic mode. Serves 1000+ users, sends 4000+ messages/day. (CGI, sendmail, PERL, HTML)


In common case we use open source software doing our work. We are admired with it flexibility, reliability and perfomance. Open source software can be used and distributed at no cost. It is important because of end cost of product.

List of used technologies includes:

Python. Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
Perl. Practical Extraction and Report Language
PostgreSQL. Sophisticated and powerful Object-Relational DBMS
Django. High-level python web framework
Adobe Flash. Platform to create multimedia web content.
Linux. UNIX-compatible kernel of operation system. Distributed for free under GNU General Public License.

Who we are

Company "Digital Emotions" was founded in november, 2002.

Company aimed to:
  • Internet application software development;
  • Linux software development;
  • IT consulting.

We use agile software development, it helps deliver software quickly.